Game Guide

The game
This is an immersive, futuristic society simulator placing you in the boots of a disaster survivor!  You control your choice of character in a battle for supremacy against thousands of other blood-thirsty survivalists.  Only your wits, teamwork, and your choice of actions, for good or ill, will help you become a hall of fame player and king among fellow survivors.

How to progress
There are many ways to progress throughout the game: training (your attributes), fighting, looting, doing crimes, exploring cities, organizing in clans and leading or contributing to wars.

Attacking? Looting? What are the rules?
Very simple. None really. Players are free to operate the way they want. You may attack other players offline, or online. However, keep in mind that being attacked and sent to the hospital while being online is pretty much preventing another player from accessing parts of the game for 20 minutes. Some may get irritated, so don't blame anyone but yourself if you get yourself in trouble. If players attack you offline a lot, it's most likely to gain levels off your weakness. Get stronger and kick them back! A successful attack will provide you with EXP and money (if your target has some on hand, of course.)
Looting is a whole different story. You can loot anyone at any time, given that they walk around with too much cash in their hand. Avoid being looted by using your bank account!

In every city there is a downtown area with a set of minigames, some are playable in group some are only for yourself. Rewards range from weapons, water or gas, to cash and ... visits to the hospital! The higher your level, the better the reward.

Maps and cities
The map is accessible at all times, you can travel if you're not in the hospital or in jail. New cities are unlocked when you level up. Every move on the map costs water and/or gas. If you don't own a vehicle, it will cost you a lot more water to move on the map. Higher level maps are tied together by interstates and are unlocked when you reach the appropriate level. Every city comes with a unique set of shops and resources.

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