Q. What is this site/game?
A. This is an immersive, futuristic society simulator placing you in the boots of a disaster survivor!  You control your choice of character in a battle for supremacy against thousands of other blood-thirsty survivalists.  Only your wits, teamwork, and your choice of actions, for good or ill, will help you become a hall of fame player and king among fellow survivors

Q. How much does it cost ?
A. The game is free for everyone who plays it, and always will be.  However you do have the option of purchasing game packs which will enhance your game play experience and give you the edge in dominating the competition!  Benefits include faster refills of your in game meters, increased bank account interest, and even ultra rare weaponry!

Q. That's cool. How do I sign-up?
A. Very easy. Go to and click "register". Fill in all the information and defeat the captcha (you know, those random letters in a pretty box) and you will receive an invitation in your email to finish the activation process. Make sure you check your spam folder when you activate; some mail providers are VERY tricky this way. 

Q. SWEET!  I received my link, what do I do now?
A. Click on it and set your character up. Select your race, your gender, then give yourself a name and fill in your profile quote and attack quote.  Upload your picture as an avatar (keep in clean!) and fill in a signature. for the forum. We recommend 90pixels by 90pixels for the picture size however pictures up to 200px by 200px can be displayed(just shrunk down). To edit your account at anytime click on your name in the upper left hand corner of the screen and click on "edit account".

Q. Now I have my profile set up, where do I start
A. Now that you have established your character, it is time to check out your new stomping grounds.   Get acquainted with the layout of After Doomsday by looking at some screens provided in the Game Guide...

Q. What about the voting and the rating, how does it work?
A. You can vote daily for rewards (it can be points, water or gas), and it implies you casting a vote for us on a public gaming list... they are all different, pay attention to the content of the screen you are being sent to.
Rating is an evaluation you can give to 3 different players per day. you can rate up or down, and you can review the top(and worst) rated players in downtown.

Q. I'm Lost, What am I supposed to do?
A. Several things:
Level up, by looting, attacking, doing crimes, playing the minigames (defend the city)
Search for other players and attack them or loot them. You will get money and experience, or a good beating and end up in the hospital!
Get yourself a bank account, it costs $ 20,000, but it will prevent you from getting looted over and over. A good place to get some cash quick is to play the minigames downton.
Train ! The training is very important if you want to win fights against other survivors.
Bust people out of jail, you will get some experience out of it, and people will like you too
Go downtown, plenty of minigames are available for getting some quick cash